List of Ministries

The church is comprised of ministries/organizations which provide a collaborative structure for the members to engage in training, communications, benevolence, and support of the mission of the church.

Ambassador of First Impression (Usher)

Objective: To serve the needs of the congregation in the capacity of ushering and welcoming of the saints and visitors. Reference - Psalm 84:10

Chairperson: Deacon Charles William Davis |


Objective: To preserve the growth and influence of the Church through the perpetual history of the membership, programs, accomplishments, and contributions of the Church. Reference - Nehemiah 7:5

Chairperson: Deacon Tony Johnson |

Christian Education/Sunday School

Objective: To minister through prayer, Bible study, and Christian training. Reference - 2 Timothy 2:15

Co-chairpersons: Deaconess Doris Johnson | and Deacon Tony Johnson |

Couples Ministry

Objective: To provide Christian services through prayer and Bible Study to couples. Reference -Ephesians 4:32

Co-chairpersons: Mrs. Helen Wilkins | and Mr. Clyde Wilkins |

Deacon Ministry

Objective: To assist the Pastor in conducting the general welfare of the Church. Reference - 1 Timothy 3

Co-chairpersons: Deacon Percy Davis | and Deacon Edward Fields |

Deaconess Ministry

Objective: To assist the Pastor in the orderly preparation and observance of the church ordinances (Baptism and Holy Communion) in cooperation with the Deacon’s Ministry. Reference - 1 Timothy 3

Co-chairpersons: Deaconess Barbara Baskerville and Deaconess Loreathea Fields |


Objective: To share God's Word through the arts. Deuteronomy - 6:1-7

Chairperson: Deaconess Loreathea Fields |


Objective: To provide educational opportunities and career planning for members of the Church. Reference - Proverbs 2:5-7

Chairperson: Dr. Stanley Harris |


Objective: To minister through prayer and grief counseling to bereaved families and loved ones. Reference - Psalm 116:12-19

Co-chairpersons: Deaconess Doris Johnson | and Deacon Tony Johnson |


Objective: To provide a wide range of health care and preventive medical advice and services to members as needed. Reference - Jeremiah 30:17

Co-chairpersons: Deaconess Victoria Raheem | and Deaconess Barbara Baskerville |

Liturgical Dance

Objective: To provide dramatic portrayal of various biblical encounters as written in the Holy Word. Reference - Deuteronomy 6:1-7

Chairperson: Mrs. Shirli Fields |

Media Communication

Objective: To provide audio and visual services that represent real-time communications through social platforms and engineering. Reference - Romans 10:11-15

Co-chairpersons and Website: Mrs. Frankie Grant-Hall | and Dr. Stanley Harris |

Online Worship: Ms. Charissee Ridgeway |

Social Media: Ms. Natasha DuPee |

Copy Editors: Dr. Celita Lewis-Davis| and Mrs. Dollie Ellis|

Men's Ministry

Objective: To promote fellowship through brotherhood and Bible training with the men of the Church. Reference - Psalm 1

Chairperson: Deacon Percy Davis |


Objective: To assist the Church in providing care and assistance to families of the Church and the community through charitable giving. Reference - Matthew 25:35-40

Chairperson: Deaconess Donnalis Johnston |


Objective: To augment the spirituality of the worship service and other related programs through music. Reference - Judges 5:3

Chairperson: Dr. Celita Lewis-Davis |

Sunday Nursery

Objective: To provide care and biblical learning tools for children ages five and younger during the morning worship services. Reference - Proverbs 22:6

Chairperson: Mrs. Marie Verner |

Trustee Board

Objective: To provide financial oversight of the business operation and legal aspects of the church body. Reference - Malachi 3:7-11

Co-Chairpersons: Mr. Willie Harrison | and Mr. Jacob Wormley |

Women's Ministry

Objective: To promote fellowship through sisterhood and Bible training with the women of the Church. Reference - Proverbs 31:10-31

Chairperson: First Lady Karen Ridgeway |


Objective: To provide the opportunity for young people to grow and understand the word of God through fellowship in all genres of the church. Reference - Matthew 18:1-6

Chairperson: Rev. William D. Fields, Jr. |