Our Pastor


In 2009, Rev. Ridgeway answered the call to pastor the Brookland Union Baptist Church of Washington, DC. He and the members continue to cement their relationship in Christ with a growing commitment to spread the Good News and build the Kingdom of God through prayer, Bible study, worship, and fellowship. Rev. Ridgeway looks forward with great anticipation to the opportunities to assist in strengthening the ministries of Brookland Union for greater service to the world.

Words of Encouragement from the Pastor

First Lady Karen Brown Ridgeway

Mrs. Karen Brown Ridgeway, wife of Pastor Marcellous D. Ridgeway and affectionally referenced as the First Lady of Brookland Union Baptist Church serves the church with all honor, dignity, and respect.  She has devoted countless hours to the enrichment of the Church while working side by side with the Pastor. She has on occasions served in leading the message of the goodness and righteousness of God through her walk with Christ. She is a member of the Christian Education programs and services that attest to her commitment to serve in any role when called upon. Most importantly, she honors her God through her voice that resonates her true belief in the spiritual acumen that she has been given by God, her master and Savior. She is a resolute servant to her craft and follows the anointing spirit of God upon her. 

As a baptized, born-again Christian, First Lady Karen is on a mission at Brookland Union Baptist Church to serve God first and family as one. Her presence is a divine indication that she will continually help within the church to fulfill the great Commission of her calling. She exemplifies the scripture as written in Proverbs 31 by her dedication and love for the church.

She along with Pastor Ridgeway are the proud parents of four adult children and seven grandchildren.